There is an astonishing change between "raw, untouched" human body and the body which was "worked on" with great patience and having a great flexibility.
This series is the exploration between fragile and flexible body.

Juxtapoz Magazine, Trendhunter, AHaber

Spot illustrations for Makeshift Magazine, Powering Up issue.
New York, 2014

Phenological clock of local edible blossoms and the interdependent insects, birds and trees. Designed for Natalie Jeremijenko, xClinic.

James Cohan Gallery, NYC
2014 Print on paper
56 x 56 in. (142.2 x 142.2 cm) Edition of 2

FLOWERxFACADE, an xClinicFarmacy project to inflorescence the barren urban structures.
Graphic design by Rona Binay

James Cohan Gallery, NYC
Tyvek, soil, polyacrylamide gel; nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus, T. polyphyllum), day lilies (Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus), visiting urban pollinators